What HERSIP Were Born:

Founder / Brand Director
Yoonjung Shin

Personal History
- A subject of study: Total beauty / Fashion stylist & Press - Stylist Assistant
- Beauty treatment technician
- Assistant director for Creative Agency in New York
- HERSIP Founder

I had two identities since I was a child. I am half Korean and Japanese. Since then I have always been aware of two identities. The first thing I was interested in was stylish fashion and then the beauty that brings out the inner beauty.
These two have the same aesthetics that I can't separate. You have to choose one in Japan, but in New York and Paris there is no limit to creative, and fashion and beauty are captured in total. I was born and raised in a global environment, lived in Diversity, and decided to work on both my favorite fashion and beauty. After that, we formed partnerships with creators in New York and Paris, and launched HERSIP as a global partnership, in order to unite two conflicting worlds through the creative.
The concept of putting a sense of fashion into beauty and making fashion a perfume epilogue expresses the sensation of “wearing a scent like wearing clothes”.
We live in conflicting worlds, such as reconciliation and separation, creation and destruction, peace and war, but everyone has a hidden feeling and passion in their hearts, beyond gender and nationality. By releasing them, the soul is purified and evolved, and each of them is aware of the mission born and tries to make use of it in the experience of life.
Now, HERSIP has a mission to provide inspiration and happiness to many people by proposing an sustainable lifestyle through fragrance, art, nature and science, texture and color, and space by a cross-border team.