The Circle Collection, the first season of the fragrance, was developed for cosmopolitan women with borderless philosophies that express the inner versatility of a woman.Produced by the perfume specialist, Virginie Roux, active in Paris and Grasse, the fragrance is borne by the master perfumer Nathalie Feisthauer, who works on perfumes such as Hermes and Cartier, and the design is done by product designer Jérôme Dinand who works on designs for Givenchy and Elizabeth Arden.
Founder and Brand Director Yoonjung Shin seeks genuine perfume and aesthetics, and HERSIP's fragrances are produced in the perfume city of Grasse.The eau de parfum, richly blended with natural ingredients while preserving its tradition and technology, exudes emotion, It evolves while bringing out the person's original personality by chemical reaction with skin and body temperature, and brings inspiration and happiness to each valuable life.