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“Create new values and a brighter future.”

HERSIP CREATIVE STUDIO is a creative studio based in Paris, New York and Japan, with a team of professionals in various high-end creative businesses. We have a comprehensive direction for the wellness, beauty and healthcare brands. Our mission is to create new values ​​and a better future.

* We want to make original brand and private brand (PB) products.
* We do not know what products the market is looking for.
* There is no expert on what kind of product to make.
* I'm thinking of expanding overseas, but I have no experience.

HERSIP CREATIVE STUDIO offers these best solutions.


- Business content includes brand launch
- Brand regeneration
- Product development
- Branding
- Global market strategy
- Color creation
- Ingredient composition, formula creation, sample production
- Test marketing
- Interactive media design
- Space design, etc.,


CREATORS (Excerpt)

- Product designer who designs such as GIVENCHY, AVON, Elizabeth Arden, ZARA, adidas.
- Perfummer working on product development such as HERMES, Cartier.
- Creative director with many years of experience in fashion and beauty in New York, Paris.
- Make-up artist who is developing makeup and products for the world's four largest collections in New York, Paris, Milan, London.
- A gerontologist who specializes in the cutting edge aging sciences of the top ranked USC (University of Southern California) in the United States.

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